Tips on Dealing with Maintenance Issues – Oahu Vacation Rental Property Management

The vacation rental business in Hawaii, specifically in Oahu, is booming. This is great for investors and rental income, but it also means an increase in the frequency of maintenance and upkeep for the property. There are many cases where we have seen short-term occupants treat a vacation rental as their temporary hotel. While most guests are not bad, there are a few that treat the unit and appliances with rough hands, which can result in property damage and maintenance issues. 

Here are a few tips on dealing with maintenance issues in your Oahu vacation rental property.

Frame Strict Occupancy Rules

It is rare for a guest to leave the vacation rental in a proper and clean condition. You must consider informing the guests in advance of the rules you enforce to minimize the mess they can make. This can include fines and penalties for causing any damage to the property. You can give your guest a laminated leaflet of the rules, like timings for using the internet provided in your rental, penalties for breaking windows, tips for trash disposal, and other hygiene and upkeep regulations. 

Informing your guests about such rules in advance will prevent any potential damage or maintenance issues from arising in the first place.

Immediate Repairs and Cleaning

Your rental needs to be clean at all times to retain its aesthetic value. Since your guests are likely to have paid for all the amenities in your vacation rental, it is your job to provide them with clean and fully functional amenities. As the owner/ host, you need to hire housekeepers to clean the house regularly. 

Constant usage of utilities in the unit can result in deterioration. There can be leakages in pipes, minor dents on the flooring, and light fixtures that might require repair. Therefore, you need to have a repair crew who promptly fix issues as they arise. Your guest should have no room to complain about your property’s maintenance. 

Have A Backup Of Essential Items 

Guests focus on relaxation and recreation while vacationing in Oahu. Therefore, they require the maximum level of comfort from their vacation rental. As the host, you need to prepare for any situation that may arise during their stay. You also need to keep extra essential items on hand if a guest needs additional sheets, a few glasses break, or more toiletries. 

Regular Inspection and Documentation 

It is necessary to maintain an inspection checklist to keep a thorough track of all particulars of your Oahu property. Detailed documentation of all the appliances and other items you have included in the vacation rental will also simplify the process of examining during every guest checkout. 

Hire a Professional Property Manager

Property Manager

The best way to manage a vacation rental property is to know what you can do yourself and what you should leave to professionals. Even though you can take care of all the problems associated with maintenance in your Oahu vacation property yourself, it makes more sense to hire a professional property management company that looks after all these maintenance problems for you. 

Oahu is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Hawaii. Due to its rich history, scenic beaches, and happening nightlife, the number of vacation rentals in Oahu has steadily increased in the last few years since the area is always bustling with tourists. 

At Happy Vacations, we are happy to help property owners deal with frequent repairs required for a vacation rental and minimize the hassle of cleaning up after guests. Connect with us to discuss our versatile management solutions for your Oahu vacation rental.